Our stuffed animal: Teddy Bears, Dog & Lion can make a nice romantic gift to say  "I Love You" to that "Special Someone" or a nice "Flower Girl" or "Ring Bearer" gift. We also have the "Happy Anniversary Bear."

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Happy Anniversary Bear
Happy Anniversary Bear

This 9" bear is perfect for all ages and for all occasion, when celebrating an anniversary.
"Friends In Jesus" Autograph Bear
10 1/2 in Plush Love Bear with Light
10 1/2" Plush Love Bear wt Light

This 10 1/2" Plush Love Bear wt Lights is a great way to say "I Love You". Batteries included.

I Love You Teddy Bear
"Denzel" The Lover Lion
Denzel the adorable Lover Lion is 11" in length. He's king of the Kitty Cat jungle, and full of love!. Make a great great!! gift

Teddy Bears - On a Heart Pillow
These two bears are a perfect couple. The boy is dressed up with a tint of gold in his bow and is ready to give a flower to his girl that has a bow on her ear. 10" wide & 7" tall.
Polar Teddy Bear wt Heart
Polar Teddy Bear with Heart
This 10" polar teddy bear has a heart. Make a nice gift.
Someone Special Teddy Bear wt Heart
Someone Special Teddy Bear wt Heart

Soft and cuddly, this teddy and its heart is ready to be given "To Someone Special". 6" high.

Love Letter Puppy Pal
8" Love Letter Puppy Pal
 This cute Plush puppy holds an embroidered envelope with a card inside. Detach the envelope & put it back in his mouth. Magnets let him hold it on his own! *Comes with a personalized tag!
Teddy Bear-I_Love-You
9" Plush Teddy Bear
This 9 inch bear is ready to say " Love You" with it's red heart that is traced with lace & a red bow with white polka-dots.
I Love You Teddy Bear
6 1/2 Plush Teddy Bear
This 6-1/2 inch bear is here to tell you "I Love You" with it's red bow & nose & pillow that's traced with lace.

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